Info is a lean, mean hosting machine. We host sites from small to medium size, and are a good fit whether you need some space for your personal site or for your business. We've been providing hosting since 2004 and are currently hosting 30+ accounts. We're small, and as such you can expect personal and swift support.


We are hosted in Florida, US, and offer hosting for small to medium customers. Plans can be designed to meet your needs, and the pricing will always be competitive. If your required plan transcends what we usually offer, we'll make sure to find a solution so you won't leave empty-handed.

All our hosting plans come with PHP, Perl, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email addresses and you're free to upgrade or downgrade when necessary.

Our most important service is the Small Site Offer: sites up to 100 MiB of storage and 5 GiB of bandwidth a month will always cost a mere 12 USD/EUR a year (where the Euro is the currency used for all non-US customers). For larger sites, we'll need to discuss the details, but the pricing will definitely be to your liking.


If you want to know more, you can contact us at

This is the avenue to request more information, whether or not we would be a good choice for your project, or for additional price and service inquiries.